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One of the hardest things about having a blog

It is the Internet Age. In times past, very few people could attain the prestigious and coveted title of ‘author’. But now, anyone with a Twitter account, Facebook page, blog, Deviant Art account, Wattpad account, access to Amazon’s Kindle Direct … Continue reading

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Feelin’ all Hebrew and stuff

For a good while, I’ve been seeing Hebrew ads on the sites I browse. For example, these are from deviantART: Google’s “spying” on my e-mail to know what to advertise aside, these telephone ads (which are, interestingly, about connecting with … Continue reading

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What’s this?!

In making my new site, I happened upon a site called: In Hebrew, “Ma Kore” is “מה קורא” and basically means “How do you say…?” But here’s the funny thing: “kore” (これ) is “this” in Japanese! So, last night, when I … Continue reading

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