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JNV is back!

After months of inactivity, JSL News and Views is coming back online! I used to use Windows Live Movie Maker to make our videos, but my old computer died, and I got a new one, and… Movie Maker has stubbornly … Continue reading

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One word or two?

In Patwa, there’s a future tense marker. Similar to English, both the word “go” and the continuous aspect marker (-ing in English, a in Patwa) make this. And so, you get: Mi ago dwiit. “I am going to do it.” … Continue reading

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Lazy language representation in Kong

I recently watched the latest King Kong movie, Kong: Skull Island. All in all, it was a good movie, and I enjoyed it. And it was kinda cool seeing Loki playing a mortal. One thing that I didn’t like, though, … Continue reading

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“Sorry for bad English”

One of the things that I hate seeing is people apologising for their “bad English” in YouTube comments. I wish I could remember who it was so I could give her credit, but someone I know made a post on … Continue reading

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Maleficent: What’s in a name?

Walt Disney Pictures’ 1959 animated film Sleeping Beauty introduced the beloved villainous figure known as Maleficent. Like the characters of many fairy tales, the evil fairy in the original story is not named. Maleficent, though, with her head wrap that hinted … Continue reading

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ILY sign emoji on WhatsApp, please!

I use WhatsApp. A lot. It’s one of my main methods of online communication nowadays. For a long time, I’ve wished that WhatsApp had an emoji that looks like the Jamaican Sign Language (American Sign Language, too) sign for “I … Continue reading

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Why is there so much English in Sailor Moon…?

One of my favourite new pastimes is watching “theory” videos on YouTube. Super Carlin Brothers, Film Theorists, Harry Potter Folklore, ProtoMario, Seamus Gorman… Wow, I spend a lot of time on YouTube. Anyway, as a writer, I enjoy listening to … Continue reading

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