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Language is not made of letters

In learning linguistics, I find that many of my classmates have a hard time breaking out of the habit of thinking in terms of letters. Literate English speakers seem to have a hard time unlearning the idea that the words they … Continue reading

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Linguistics is an eye-opener!

Or, rather… an ear-opener…? First of all, let me apologise for my absence. Life has been very hectic, what with school and all that. But I’m going to try to be more disciplined from now on. Anyway, since I first … Continue reading

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Black, Deaf, Jamaican-born, and Amazing

It was 2014 when I first met Claudia Gordon, Esq. She had come to Jamaica to do a talk at the University of the West Indies. I was a student of interpreting, come to witness the event, and act as … Continue reading

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Not all samurai were Japanese

In 1579, a young man arrived in Japan from Mozambique. He was the servant (or slave) of an Italian Jesuit who had been appointed Visitor of the “Indies” (East and South, and East Africa). Where exactly this young man was born is lost … Continue reading

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Bridges and Numbers

I knew I’d have fun with this course. The essay isn’t even due till January, and I’m already thinking about it, even though I’ve got the exam Friday. I was thinking about doing loan word phonology, specifically words borrowed into … Continue reading

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Follow-up to previous posts: Mercury and Duolingo

Random stuff this week! Sailor Mercury: Friend of Water? When I was younger, before I started learning Japanese, I read that Sailor Mercury’s human name 亜美 (あみ, Ami) means “friend”. But this isn’t true. The French word ami/amie meaning “friend” … Continue reading

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Ever heard of Duolingo?

Last week, a former classmate and his wife teamed up tell me about Duolingo, a website and phone app for language learning. The app, he said, has a bit less functionality than the website, but is also quite good. It … Continue reading

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