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Writing, grammar, and self-publishing

Nowadays, there are quite a few books that are self-published, and with the rise of eBooks, the number has increased manifold. Continue reading

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Why is there so much English in Sailor Moon…?

One of my favourite new pastimes is watching “theory” videos on YouTube. Super Carlin Brothers, Film Theorists, Harry Potter Folklore, ProtoMario, Seamus Gorman… Wow, I spend a lot of time on YouTube. Anyway, as a writer, I enjoy listening to … Continue reading

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How linguistics has affected my (creative) writing

There is a saying: “Writers write what they know.” It’s cliché and (of course) contested. As a science fiction/fantasy writer, there’s a clear limit to my own life experiences and what I put on paper: I’ve never wielded a magical sword, … Continue reading

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Cultural Appropriation on National Television, Audism on Facebook

In my humble opinion, the “blessing” of “souls” should not be done at the expense of offending an entire culture. Continue reading

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One-of-a-kind!!!! | Jewels by Axa

Remember those beads I bought? Well, they’re now a bracelet that’s definitely the only one of its kind in the entire world: It features my Hebrew name קורן (Koren). Axa was very patient and diligent in making sure that the letters of … Continue reading

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Language arts pt. 2

Being a writer in a country like Jamaica in which people don’t particularly like to read isn’t very easy. Most Caribbean writers tend to get somewhere only when they are at least partly abroad: Jamaica Kincaid (not Jamaican, by the way), … Continue reading

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On (hearing) people signing songs

Every now and then, I get a request to help compose (write…? what’s the proper word here?) a signing version of a song. Sometimes, it’s just a single sign that they ask about; other times, it’s a whole song. I … Continue reading

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