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Ever heard of Duolingo?

Last week, a former classmate and his wife teamed up tell me about Duolingo, a website and phone app for language learning. The app, he said, has a bit less functionality than the website, but is also quite good. It … Continue reading

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Somebody REALLY likes shoes…

I’ve been delaying this post in the hopes that I’d end up going by Sovereign Centre, and seeing the name of the store whose windows I took a picture of, but alas… Well, one day, I was minding my own … Continue reading

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Know anything about music?

I’m trying to rekindle an old flame in my life: The love I once had for my dear Aviva, and the music we once made together. So, I thought, what better way than I combine two loves, Hebrew and music. … Continue reading

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A song I’m going to learn!

I happened upon this song Friday night: It’s the Spanish version of a song I love (well, the first 8 minutes or so of the video, anyway). It’s got a few words I don’t know. Maybe this’ll be the motivation … Continue reading

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(Universal?) Challenges with Learning Languages

I have a cousin that I’m helping with Spanish. It is a challenge for both of us. She has a hard time understanding the concept that “one word can mean two words.” Let me give you an example: Soy niño. … Continue reading

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