Ever heard of Duolingo?

Last week, a former classmate and his wife teamed up tell me about Duolingo, a website and phone app for language learning. The app, he said, has a bit less functionality than the website, but is also quite good. It was quite a week, and I was very distracted by school and work, so I told him, “Give me till weekend.”

Well, I am a man of my word. This morning, when I woke up, I picked up my phone and went straight to Google Play and downloaded the app. I chose Hebrew as my language to learn and had at it.


It started with a short test to see how much I already knew:

The verdict: I’m level 2!

After such a long break from learning Hebrew, it was great to be back, and have a way to do it that wasn’t dependent on me reading and memorising stuff… This automated system is very fun!

I spent some more time on it and went up to level 3!

Then, I went on to Spanish:


Level 2, baby!

So far, it works by having you read/listen, and then checking understanding. I definitely enjoyed myself this morning. I’ll keep using this app as the days go by;.I can use it on the commute to/from work/school, or whenever I have a little time.

It doesn’t have Japanese yet, unfortunately, but my former classmate says it should be up next year. Looking forward to it!

Have you tried Duolingo yet?

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