Somebody REALLY likes shoes…

I’ve been delaying this post in the hopes that I’d end up going by Sovereign Centre, and seeing the name of the store whose windows I took a picture of, but alas…

Well, one day, I was minding my own business, walking in (or out… don’t remember) of Sovereign Centre in Liguanea, when I saw this; a sort of… wallpaper pasted on the inside of a store window:



I had to take a picture immediately! I must have passed this store a thousand times in my lifetime, but never realised until then that there was Hebrew right there! I didn’t know the word for “shoes” (נעליים, na’alayim), but I looked it up, and know it now. 😀

Jump ahead a few months, and then I pass the store again, and behold, in another window…


Do you see what I see…?

I saw the Hebrew again right away, but what I didn’t expect to see was the Japanese. What a cool little collection of languages… all devoted to shoes. Not exactly my thing, but…

White: French; red: Hebrew; blue: Japanese; yello: Chinese (Mandarin?); black: Spanish

White: French; red: Hebrew; blue: Japanese; yello: Chinese (Mandarin?); black: Spanish

I was confused for a while about why they decided to transliterate (and not translate) the English phrase “I ♡ shoes” in Japanese… But then, I figured they wanted to keep all the languages in that specific word order. In Japanese, it would be “I-shoes-love”; plus, it’s a more complicated sentence. I suspect they thought what they had there might look more attractive than: 私は靴を♡してる。

Nonetheless, this was cool to see!

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