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Created Languages: Why alphabets?

One of my lectures has said on more than one occasion that breaking down our language into individual sounds is not the easiest thing for us humans. It is more intuitive for us to have syllables or meaningful units be … Continue reading

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One word or two?

In Patwa, there’s a future tense marker. Similar to English, both the word “go” and the continuous aspect marker (-ing in English, a in Patwa) make this. And so, you get: Mi ago dwiit. “I am going to do it.” … Continue reading

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Language is not made of letters

In learning linguistics, I find that many of my classmates have a hard time breaking out of the habit of thinking in terms of letters. Literate English speakers seem to have a hard time unlearning the idea that the words they … Continue reading

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Linguistics is an eye-opener!

Or, rather… an ear-opener…? First of all, let me apologise for my absence. Life has been very hectic, what with school and all that. But I’m going to try to be more disciplined from now on. Anyway, since I first … Continue reading

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Essay on the other codas

Because I have been trying to keep myself disciplined, posting here every week, no matter how busy I am, I decided to let you guys know that I won’t be posting a “full” blog post today, because I have a … Continue reading

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How linguistics has affected my (creative) writing

There is a saying: “Writers write what they know.” It’s cliché and (of course) contested. As a science fiction/fantasy writer, there’s a clear limit to my own life experiences and what I put on paper: I’ve never wielded a magical sword, … Continue reading

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Bridges and Numbers

I knew I’d have fun with this course. The essay isn’t even due till January, and I’m already thinking about it, even though I’ve got the exam Friday. I was thinking about doing loan word phonology, specifically words borrowed into … Continue reading

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