Life of an MA in Linguistics Student

My faithful friends, apologies for not posting for two weeks in a row!

I’ve started an MA in Linguistics, and, I must tell you, things have been hectic! Having essentially 3 jobs while going to school… not easy. Not to mention: on Sundays, I record and edit JSL News and Views (JNV).


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But, as stressful a things have been, I’m loving linguistics!

Do you remember a post I wrote last year in which I wrote Patwa has the same short vowels as Japanese? I was wrong!

Though Japanese has a similar vowel to our ‘u’, it’s actually pronounced with a more spread mouth than the Jamaican one. In the IPA, the Japanese vowel is written as [ɯ̹],  while the Jamaican vowel is written [ʊ]. It’s hard to explain the difference, but it’s definitely there! I had to edit that post to correct my mistake.

Let’s see what else I can learn!

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