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Jamaican Country Sign, an indigenous sign language of Jamaica that is endangered.

A hearing sign language?!

Most sign languages around the world are Deaf sign languages; that is sign languages used for communication with and among Deaf people, and created by Deaf people. But, a few years ago, a Deaf man told me about a sign … Continue reading

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Why a NATURAL language is important for the Deaf

In Jamaica, there are three major sign systems: Jamaican Sign Language Country Sign Signing Exact English/Manually Coded English The first two are what are called natural languages: They developed from previous incarnations (JSL has been influenced by American Sign Language, British Sign Language, … Continue reading

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Every single day!

Have you ever wondered what the days of the week would be called in a language that has not been influenced by the forces that have resulted in today’s English names? Even Japanese has names that are connected to the … Continue reading

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Just hands…?

I am making some videos to help some people at church learn JSL. (And good thing I decided to post this, because it reminded me to burn the DVDs). I don’t claim to be an expert, but I at least … Continue reading

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A day in the life of Mr. Multilingual

Yesterday and today, I spent the entire day using JSL. I don’t think I can even remember when last I did that, if I ever did. As part of my job, I have to work for a while with a … Continue reading

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