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Sia signs!

My housemate is a Sia fan. We were watching Sia videos one night, and a video popped up. One that I didn’t know. I was wondering why this person in the video dipped her hands in some white liquid, and … Continue reading

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Alexander Graham Bell, Audism, and Associations for the Deaf

I am not big on reality TV. So if it wasn’t for social media and one of my good friends, I probably wouldn’t even know about Nyle DiMarco. In just about every other sentence as she tells me about Nyle, … Continue reading

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Why a NATURAL language is important for the Deaf

In Jamaica, there are three major sign systems: Jamaican Sign Language Country Sign Signing Exact English/Manually Coded English The first two are what are called natural languages: They developed from previous incarnations (JSL has been influenced by American Sign Language, British Sign Language, … Continue reading

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And I saw Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

Ever since I first heard that Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (2014) had signing apes, I wanted to watch it. With sweet stories like this heart-rending one of a signing chimp who’d lost her babies, the idea of apes using … Continue reading

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Talking Hands

Originally posted on Linesiya's Weblog:
“I wish you knew sign language,” she added rather wistfully. “Barriers fall right away in sign.” (Story of B – Daniel Quinn) I’m not sure if I can describe what happens in my mind…

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Guess who’s a storyteller now!

A couple month ago, I discovered a trend in Deaf social media: the ASL 1 to 10 challenge. A 1 to 10 story is a specific kind of story in ASL (and JSL) in which the handshapes used in signing the … Continue reading

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Adorable Little Signers!

I found a video on YouTube that’s sure to evoke some awwwws from at least a few of my readers: These two little ones are signing with each other and with that guy, who I suspect is their father. And … Continue reading

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