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Cultural Appropriation on National Television, Audism on Facebook

In my humble opinion, the “blessing” of “souls” should not be done at the expense of offending an entire culture. Continue reading

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Alexander Graham Bell, Audism, and Associations for the Deaf

I am not big on reality TV. So if it wasn’t for social media and one of my good friends, I probably wouldn’t even know about Nyle DiMarco. In just about every other sentence as she tells me about Nyle, … Continue reading

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Why a NATURAL language is important for the Deaf

In Jamaica, there are three major sign systems: Jamaican Sign Language Country Sign Signing Exact English/Manually Coded English The first two are what are called natural languages: They developed from previous incarnations (JSL has been influenced by American Sign Language, British Sign Language, … Continue reading

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Correction: “Long”, not “taal”

A few weeks ago, I was having a conversation with someone I work with. I was trying to help her to remember someone and so, I said, “Di wan wid di taal ier.” As I said this, a woman walked into the office, … Continue reading

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Patwa… Wi fi yuuz it

If we give it a chance, we can see that Patois is not a liability, but an asset. Continue reading

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Patwa… It stil de ya

We can either empower people in their own tongue, or we can oppress them with that of their slavemasters from generations past. Continue reading

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The Invisibles: Deafness and the Media

“Deafness is the invisible disability.” -Antoinette Aiken Continue reading

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