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How linguistics has affected my (creative) writing

There is a saying: “Writers write what they know.” It’s cliché and (of course) contested. As a science fiction/fantasy writer, there’s a clear limit to my own life experiences and what I put on paper: I’ve never wielded a magical sword, … Continue reading

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Patwa, writing, and me: A history, and a future

I remember having serious trouble conceptualising Jamaican Creole words as a child. Back then, I thought of it as just “bad English”, and actually told a foreigner once that that’s what it is, with those exact words. I spent a … Continue reading

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The Jamaican fiction writer’s dilemma

My cousin is doing a book for literature class called The Sun Salutes You by Jamaican-born novelist C. Everard Palmer. I decided to read it to help her with some homework for it. As I was reading, I was struck with … Continue reading

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