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One of the hardest things about having a blog

It is the Internet Age. In times past, very few people could attain the prestigious and coveted title of ‘author’. But now, anyone with a Twitter account, Facebook page, blog, Deviant Art account, Wattpad account, access to Amazon’s Kindle Direct … Continue reading

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Deaf Access to Jamaican TV

This past Thursday, the 3rd of March, 2016, Andrew Holness was sworn in as the Prime Minister of Jamaica. And, fortunately for the Jamaican Deaf community, there was a JSL interpreter made available through picture in picture, so they could … Continue reading

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The Invisibles: Deafness and the Media

“Deafness is the invisible disability.” -Antoinette Aiken Continue reading

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Linguistic Bigotry

Robyn’s blog post “Conscientious Lyrics” got me searching YouTube for a particular interview. For those among my readership who are not Jamaican, let me provide some background. On local news one night, Clifton Brown, a resident of Mavis Bank, a … Continue reading

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Sigh… The Magic of Signed English…

I have been inactively awaiting the newly released DVD The Magic of Sign Language for some time, perhaps more than a year. I saw it advertised on Facebook. But something told me that I would be disappointed. Despite that, though, soon … Continue reading

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