One of the hardest things about having a blog

It is the Internet Age.

In times past, very few people could attain the prestigious and coveted title of ‘author’. But now, anyone with a Twitter account, Facebook page, blog, Deviant Art account, Wattpad account, access to Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing, or a host of other apps, sites, and platforms can claim that title, and many do. (Myself included, I admit.)

With publishing being so easy, the author of the Internet Age makes the decision, consciously or subconsciously, to filter what they put out there.

Some seem to have very big holes in their sieves: anything that comes to their minds is liable to be travel through their fingers onto the internet. Others are far more private, and more cautious about what they post online.

We humans are emotional beings. Great achievements, great disappointments, great travesties… we all experience them on a regular basis. What we write often reflects our feelings about these experiences and our thoughts about them.

The theme of my blog is language and culture. I both witness and experience things in my day-to-day life that are relevant to this theme. After all, I live in a diglossic creole language environment, and I’m a hearing JSL learner/user in a nation in which the Deaf community faces injustices on a regular basis. And, of course, I could break my own self-imposed rule, and post a blog outside of the theme I chose. I’ve done it before, after all.

I am a student, I work, I live my life… and many experiences can potentially provide inspiration for a blog post. What should I sieve out? What should I keep buried in my heart, and not reveal to my readership, no matter how small it may be? How do I decide what is private, and what can be made public?

Every time I make a post, I consider this. And every time I make a post, I decide on my answer.

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2 Responses to One of the hardest things about having a blog

  1. Robyn says:

    It’s always a case by case basis. What will intrigue your readers? What crucial lesson (no matter how private) can you share?

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