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ILY sign emoji on WhatsApp, please!

I use WhatsApp. A lot. It’s one of my main methods of online communication nowadays. For a long time, I’ve wished that WhatsApp had an emoji that looks like the Jamaican Sign Language (American Sign Language, too) sign for “I … Continue reading

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Public Service Announcement: Those WhatsApp Japanese emojis

When I first realised that there are WhatsApp emojis that have Japanese characters, I made a mental note to look up the ones I didn’t know. In fact, there are quite a few emojis that are based on Japanese/Asian culture: … Continue reading

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A vulgar, vicious language….?

About 2 months ago, I started a thread online: In it, I said: There have been projects in which Jamaican Creole is used to dub some animated and live action stuff (this, for example), but they’re almost made just for … Continue reading

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