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Patwa: t->ch, d-> d, n->ng

When I was first learning the standard way to write Jamaican Creole (Patwa), I have to admit, I didn’t think some things made sense. To us Jamaicans, the ‘t’ sound becomes a ‘ch’ sound when it comes before an ‘r’, … Continue reading

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Writing and Language, Both Signed and Spoken

Last week’s post featured a video log in which the person who posted the vlog stated that ASL is written with English words. While it is true that ASL (and JSL) are often represented with English words, that raised a question that … Continue reading

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Practice for my Fiverr gig | Hebrew Digicode

Do you know much about Digimon? Like “Pokémon”, the word is a portmanteau: digital + monsters = Digimon. (Or, in Japanese, デジタル + モンスター = デジモン; dejitaru + monsutā = dejimon.) Anyway, Digimon has something in common with other franchises: its … Continue reading

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Creativity + Linguistics = New Fiverr Gig

I recently became a Level One Seller on fiverr.com, an freelancing website! Yay, huzzah, woot!!! I’ve been mostly doing proofreading and blurb writing so far, and it’s pretty cool to be able to use my writing and English in this … Continue reading

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Patwa, writing, and me: A history, and a future

I remember having serious trouble conceptualising Jamaican Creole words as a child. Back then, I thought of it as just “bad English”, and actually told a foreigner once that that’s what it is, with those exact words. I spent a … Continue reading

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