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Deaf Language and Culture in Avatar

This is follow-up to “If language in Avatar was more realistic.” For decades, the rule of thumb for language (specially spoken language) in sci-fi/fantasy television has been: make communication between characters and easy. From Japanese shōjo anime like Sailor Moon and American shows like Superman: The Animated Series, … Continue reading

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If Language in Avatar was More Realistic

The language of the Avatar world isn’t very realistic. What if it was…? Continue reading

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Terrorists and The Legend of Korra

[Spoiler alert] As soon as I heard the name of the main villain in this latest season (“Book 3”) of The Legend of Korra, I found it… let’s say, interesting. Why? Well, his name is Zaheer. I thought, “That sounds… … Continue reading

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Did you hear that?!

Have you been keeping up with The Legend of Korra, sequel to Avatar: The Last Airbender? In one of last week episodes, I could have sworn I heard one of the characters being called Otaku. Surely… I must have been … Continue reading

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Namekian….? Really?

Okay, I’ve wanted to post this for ages and never got around to it. Dragonball Z Kai is in it’s (apparent) last season on NickToons. I like watching it. It’s nice and nostalgic to watch the show without all the … Continue reading

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Do you know about the new Power Rangers series? It’s called Power Rangers Samurai. I glimpse it every now and again on NickToons/Nickolodeon; it’s somewhat nostalgic in that they use a theme song reminiscent of the original Mighty Morphin’ Power … Continue reading

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