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Why translation/interpreting is not easy…

Take a look at this: The above picture was posted by Japanese tweeter Kazuto Sazuki, along with the comments: As English speakers, we might laugh at this, but chances are we’d make the same kinds of mistakes in another language, and … Continue reading

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If Language in Avatar was More Realistic

The language of the Avatar world isn’t very realistic. What if it was…? Continue reading

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You mean… that’s not English?

In Japanese, there’s a class of words that are collectively called 和製英語 (wasei-eigo). The phrase literally means “Japanese-made English (words)”. Basically, wasei-eigo are words/expressions coined in Japanese using English words and/or morphemes. So, at first glance, one might think these words are wholesale … Continue reading

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Those Asian shirts…

We’ve all seen those shirts with anime or other Asian-style art on them, sometimes with writing in Asian languages. They’re fairly common in Jamaica. One day, I saw a Deaf friend with a shirt on. This shirt, to be exact: … Continue reading

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