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Fingerspelling and me

I have a love-hate relationship with the JSL manual alphabet. Sometimes, there’s more hate than love, to be honest. Recently, I found out something that has radically changed my perception of fingerspelling. My friend told me that hearing people tend … Continue reading

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Thoughts on audism

Audism. It’s a relatively new word, only coined in 1975. But it’s been the reality of the Deaf for a long time. What is is? “The notion that one is superior based on one’s ability to hear or behave in … Continue reading

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Writing and Language, Both Signed and Spoken

Last week’s post featured a video log in which the person who posted the vlog stated that ASL is written with English words. While it is true that ASL (and JSL) are often represented with English words, that raised a question that … Continue reading

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African Influences on Jamaican Creole

Jamaican Creole is, well, a creole language: a language that was born not out of simple evolution, but out of a situation in which non-native users of a language (English) were placed (forced, in this case) to use another language, and … Continue reading

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Jamaicans! Why you speak Japanese so well!

My Japanese teacher said once that Jamaican pronunciation of the Japanese language is pretty good. Allow me to boast for a while, and say I agree. Compared to American-accented Japanese that I’ve heard, my Jamaican friends, students, etc. are actually … Continue reading

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Tumeric, what ‘R’ you?

This is turmeric. It is a plant that is scientifically named Curcuma longa. Its roots are ground into a powder that is an ingredient in the making of curry. But I first happened upon it when I was looking into baking, and … Continue reading

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Patwa… ina skuul!

It’s been tried. It works. Continue reading

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