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Anime mystery: Why is water Sailor Mercury’s element?

Sailor Moon is one of the first anime I’ve ever watched, and also one of the only 少年 (しょうねん、shōnen) I’ve ever enjoyed. Come to think of it, it’s probably the only shōnen I’ve ever enjoyed. I grew up in love with … Continue reading

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Hebrew pops up everywhere!

Final Fantasy VII. Released in 1997, this PlayStation game has been called the best in the entire Final Fantasy series. It must have been a definite turnaround to have have a mobile game prequel (Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII), CGI film … Continue reading

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Deaf Language and Culture in Avatar

This is follow-up to “If language in Avatar was more realistic.” For decades, the rule of thumb for language (specially spoken language) in sci-fi/fantasy television has been: make communication between characters and easy. From Japanese shōjo anime like Sailor Moon and American shows like Superman: The Animated Series, … Continue reading

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If Language in Avatar was More Realistic

The language of the Avatar world isn’t very realistic. What if it was…? Continue reading

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Creativity + Linguistics = New Fiverr Gig

I recently became a Level One Seller on fiverr.com, an freelancing website! Yay, huzzah, woot!!! I’ve been mostly doing proofreading and blurb writing so far, and it’s pretty cool to be able to use my writing and English in this … Continue reading

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