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Black, Deaf, Jamaican-born, and Amazing

It was 2014 when I first met Claudia Gordon, Esq. She had come to Jamaica to do a talk at the University of the West Indies. I was a student of interpreting, come to witness the event, and act as … Continue reading

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Not all samurai were Japanese

In 1579, a young man arrived in Japan from Mozambique. He was the servant (or slave) of an Italian Jesuit who had been appointed Visitor of the “Indies” (East and South, and East Africa). Where exactly this young man was born is lost … Continue reading

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African Influences on Jamaican Creole

Jamaican Creole is, well, a creole language: a language that was born not out of simple evolution, but out of a situation in which non-native users of a language (English) were placed (forced, in this case) to use another language, and … Continue reading

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Correction: “Long”, not “taal”

A few weeks ago, I was having a conversation with someone I work with. I was trying to help her to remember someone and so, I said, “Di wan wid di taal ier.” As I said this, a woman walked into the office, … Continue reading

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(My first semi-Black History Month-related blog entry.) Today, as I was hanging out with a friend and a friend of my friend. I don’t remember what I said (it probably wasn’t very nice…), but somehow my friend responded to whatever … Continue reading

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