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Writing and Language, Both Signed and Spoken

Last week’s post featured a video log in which the person who posted the vlog stated that ASL is written with English words. While it is true that ASL (and JSL) are often represented with English words, that raised a question that … Continue reading

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If Language in Avatar was More Realistic

The language of the Avatar world isn’t very realistic. What if it was…? Continue reading

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Somebody REALLY likes shoes…

I’ve been delaying this post in the hopes that I’d end up going by Sovereign Centre, and seeing the name of the store whose windows I took a picture of, but alas… Well, one day, I was minding my own … Continue reading

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It’s been… a while, hasn’t it?

Hello, こんにちは, שלום, 你们好, Bles op! I had been planning to post for quite some time, but the past semester has been a hectic one, with all manner of things happening in my mind and out. To start things off, … Continue reading

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