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Follow-up to previous posts: Mercury and Duolingo

Random stuff this week! Sailor Mercury: Friend of Water? When I was younger, before I started learning Japanese, I read that Sailor Mercury’s human name 亜美 (あみ, Ami) means “friend”. But this isn’t true. The French word ami/amie meaning “friend” … Continue reading

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Ever heard of Duolingo?

Last week, a former classmate and his wife teamed up tell me about Duolingo, a website and phone app for language learning. The app, he said, has a bit less functionality than the website, but is also quite good. It … Continue reading

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So… King of the Jews, huh…?

I was going through my old photos a few weeks ago, and found a couple that I took a little over 3 years ago. I was visiting a relative in the US. She and her husband are Christian, and this belonged to … Continue reading

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Practice for my Fiverr gig | Hebrew Digicode

Do you know much about Digimon? Like “Pokémon”, the word is a portmanteau: digital + monsters = Digimon. (Or, in Japanese, デジタル + モンスター = デジモン; dejitaru + monsutā = dejimon.) Anyway, Digimon has something in common with other franchises: its … Continue reading

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One-of-a-kind!!!! | Jewels by Axa

Remember those beads I bought? Well, they’re now a bracelet that’s definitely the only one of its kind in the entire world: It features my Hebrew name קורן (Koren). Axa was very patient and diligent in making sure that the letters of … Continue reading

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Leviathan: A WHALE of a discovery!

I’m a Pokémon fan. To an extent. I love the concept, even though it’s basically a glorified form of cock fighting, Ash is still ten years old after all these years, there’s no real continuance to the story, and Pokémon … Continue reading

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Service review: Alef Better Imports

This summer, I decided to indulge a little. I had an idea of expressing my interest in Hebrew by wearing a bracelet with my Hebrew name Koren (קורן). After a bit of searching, I happened upon Alef Better Imports. Clever pun, … Continue reading

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