I’m back on Fiverr!

Last semester, I made the decision break from my freelance Fiverr because of my busy schedule as a student working so many jobs. It was very stressful…. But now, I’m back!

Last week, I got my first order of 2017. And I got a 5-star review!


I’m back in the game, guys! I realise that most of my Fiverr revenue comes from writing back-cover previews (AKA blurbs) for books.


But, of course, that’s not all I do. I write blogs, stories, do other miscellaneous writing projects, proofread/edit

Recently, I decided to add a new gig, Jamaican Creole translation:


One of my friends, Lexxy, a fellow writer who has been an inspiration to me since my teen years, who used to write great Digimon fanfics back in the day, once said to me that it’s great that I am making money from writing. A lot of writers haven’t been able to make revenue from their writing, she told me. I am definitely grateful for the person who told me about Fiverr.

It might be a become hard (again) to maintain Fiverr while dealing with my other responsibilities, but I don’t plan to give up!

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