Follow-up to previous posts: Mercury and Duolingo

Random stuff this week!

Sailor Mercury: Friend of Water?


When I was younger, before I started learning Japanese, I read that Sailor Mercury’s human name 亜美 (あみ, Ami) means “friend”. But this isn’t true. The French word ami/amie meaning “friend” was borrowed into Japanese, but is written in katakana (as アミ), as is typical for representing foreign words. Though it’s possible that this is where Naoko Takeuchi, the creator of Sailor Moon, got the name from, 亜 means “Asia” and 美 is “beauty”; so, her given name is often translated “beautiful Asia”.

Duolingo so far

I’m enjoying Duolingo! It’s a fun way to learn a language.And it hides notifications from other apps like WhatsApp while you’re using it so you’re not distracted.

But I wonder if it’s an effective way to learn the Hebrew letters. Yesterday, I decided to take a look at those lessons (I didn’t need to take them, since I learnt to read the letters years ago), and, honestly, I was doubtful that they’re very effective… The Hebrew alphabet is tricky for Westerners; not to mention the vowel points/nikkud. I think teaching the letters individually at first, then combining them would be the best way.

If any of you have no experience with Hebrew, I’d be grateful if you tried out Duolingo’s Hebrew alphabet lessons, and gave me feedback. I’m trying to get one of my friends to learn, so… I’d like to see if it would work for them.

You can find it at or download the app from the Google Play store!

PS: I just tried it on the website, and there’s a tips for beginners page that gives a list of the pronunciations of each of the letters and nikkud. So, maybe it’s best to learn the letters on the website rather than with the app!

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2 Responses to Follow-up to previous posts: Mercury and Duolingo

  1. Hi, seeing your wonderful blog posts have inspired me to get back into blogging again. unrelated i know but thank you! 🙂


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