Anime mystery: What does “head cha-la” mean?

Last week, I talked about Sailor Moon. This week, I’m talking about another anime from my childhood: Dragonball Z.

The Japanese theme song, which I didn’t learn about until my adulthood, funny enough, has the words “Cha-la, head cha-la”… And for the longest while, I wondered what it meant.

So, I finally decided to Google. Here’s what I found:


I had no idea! I had been wondering if it was just random meaningless thing. I looked in my dictionary app for the word “hetchara” (へっちゃら, hecchara). Found nothing. Once again, Google to the rescue:


This dictionary site provided what looks like a synonym (and near homophone) of hecchara: 平ちゃら (へいちゃら, heichara), a portmanteau of 平気 (へいき、heiki), which means “okay” or “alright”, and ちゃら, which the dictionary says means such things as “joke” (冗談、じょうだん、joudan) and “nonsense”/”bullshit” (でたらめ、detarama).

So, what does this dictionary say heichara means? My translation:

  1. a situation that’s nothing much to deal with; alright; hecchara; “This amount of rain is nothing.”
  2. an easy situation; a situation that is easy to handle; hecchara; “This problem is easy!”

This makes sense if you think about the lyrics. Some of the words translate to:

If the road ahead you seems so cold and gray
When night never turns to day, don’t you be afraid, go fly away
“Cha-La Head Cha-La (English Version)”,

So, now I know! I’m sure I’m late, but I had fun learning about this!

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