Nerd alert: Heiroglyphics

Ever since I was a child, I loved Ancient Egypt. The mythology, the history… I used to sit down and read about it in encyclopaedias just for fun, and watch National Geographic/History Channel documentaries about it.


“Ken” in heiroglyphs, according to

My love for Ancient Egypt led to me being a fan of the anime Yu-Gi-Oh!, and it’s the reason I read with keen interest my online friend Rose74‘s novel Osiris Rising from start to finish on Deviant Art years ago. It’s also why I read Rick Riordan’s trilogy The Kane Chronicles rather than his more well-known Percy Jackson books. For years, I’ve wanted to write a story based on Egyptian mythology, and both Osiris Rising and The Kane Chronicles planted the seeds that may become my own original novel one day.

Because I’m Mr Multilingual, it probably should come as no surprise that I would be so interested in this site: Created by Alec, “a graduate student studying Egyptology,” this free site is a dream come true! It teaches the basics of reading and writing Egyptian hieroglyphics. I started looking through it, and it looks exciting!

As I develop the idea for my story, Alec’s site may just be the inspiration I need to make the story grow to maturity. So, thanks to all of you: Rose74, Riordan, and Alec!

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