Pokémon brings us together

Have you seen this ad for Pokémon Sun and Moon, the coming installments in the Pokémon franchise to be released November of this year?


I loved it! It made me miss playing Pokémon, even though the starters look hideous. (Okay, it’s just my opinion, but the first 2 or 3 sets of starters [the Pokémon the player has the option of choosing at the start of the game] are the best of the lot. Their designs have been going steadily downhill along with that of the rest of the Pokémon in every subsequent “generation”…)

My favourite things about these coming games?

It seems you can set the language, and even play with other players while they play their own language! (I’d choose Japanese!) And, I have to admit, I love that you can choose the skin colour of the player character. It’s something that earlier games did not have! I can play a Pokémon trainer who looks more like me! (Though still with straight hair, I guess… Unfortunately…)

Pokémon Sun Moon Screenshot Skin Colour

It’s been a long time coming! I’ve always wanted to play a dark-skinned trainer!

From this ad, I learnt a new word: 超える(こえる, koeru): to cross over, to exceed.


“Let us surpass ourselves.”

And the Japanese writing at the bottom right: 登録受付チュウ(とうろくうけつけちゅう、tōroku uketsuke chū, “Now accepting registration”) is a cool pun on the name of the franchise’s mascot, ピカチュウ (Pikachū). (Normally, it’d be written as 受付).

Well done, Pokémon guys. I’ll be very tempted to get this game once it comes out…

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