Signing and clothes

As a sign language interpreter, I am somewhat limited in my clothing options. Clothes that are too “busy” would make my signing hard to see, because the clothes are distracting. For interpreters who wear nail polish, or other such things, their options are limited, too. Dazzling talons can make things hard for the Deaf people who have to suffer through your interpreting!

That’s why the comic strip from last week’s That Deaf Guy made me laugh:


I can definitely relate! As sign language terps, our clothes should contrast with our skin to make our hands easier to see. So, for me, as a dark skinned person, light colours are best. And nothing too dazzling. Ideally, they should have one colour; no patterns or stripes or anything. I even chose a watch for work based on its colour to blend in with my skin, and not be too distracting.


My watch

As you can imagine, shopping for new work clothes, especially shirts and ties, can be tedious!


About Ken Kwame

Jamaican writer and aspiring fantasy novelist.
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1 Response to Signing and clothes

  1. Robyn says:

    I never thought about that, but it makes so much sense. It would actually help me pick out what to wear if I was limited in my options, lol.

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