App Review: Multiling O Keyboard

This app is really cool!

It’s small! I mean, my previous Japanese keyboard for Android, IQQI, was about 8 MB, but this one is just one MB by itself, and each of language plug-ins is less that 1 MB:

Multiling O Keyboard

So, I finally I have predictive typing for Hebrew! 😀 And for the linguists among us, it comes with an international phonetic alphabet (IPA) mode!!!! Plus, if you’re into typing… um… ‘dirty’ words… it doesn’t autocorrect them away like the default Android keyboard.

It also comes with a plug-in for typing in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics… If you’re into that.

Multiling O heiro

Useless, since you can’t copy and paste it anywhere… 

I can’t say how correct these characters are, though. I tried typing some of the hieroglyphs I saw in The Red Pyramid, the novel I finished reading recently, and had no success.

Multiling O does takes a bit of getting used to. I accidentally changed the size more than once, and couldn’t change it back the second time. (A quick Google search told me that you hold the top left hand corner of the keyboard and drag it to the desired size.) But I like it so far.

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