Those Asian shirts…

We’ve all seen those shirts with anime or other Asian-style art on them, sometimes with writing in Asian languages. They’re fairly common in Jamaica.

One day, I saw a Deaf friend with a shirt on. This shirt, to be exact:


Of course, being the Nihongo otaku I am, I got excited and looked up the meaning of the Chinese character on the shirt, which is also used in Japanese. I found in my phone Japanese dictionary apps easily enough:


I got a bit of a laugh from his reaction when I told him it means “crazy”. “Seriously?!” he asked.

Well, he eventually gave me the shirt; ’cause he wasn’t interested in wearing something that says he’s insane, I guess. Hehe.

I haven’t worn it yet. Not too keen on the idea, myself… But I keep it, because it makes me laugh when I remember. 🙂

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2 Responses to Those Asian shirts…

  1. locksleyu says:

    The tattoos are even more funny, since often the owner of them doesn’t know what they mean, or has some misunderstanding about their meaning. And they are not as easy to remove (:


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