A “bills”…?

The Jamaican Urban Transit Company (JUTC) has a promotion running for the summer. Passengers get $20 dollars off for regular bus routes:

JUTC Bilz (1)

A poster on the window of a bus

“Only a ‘bills'”, the poster says.

“Bills” is in quotation marks. As if to identify that it’s not English, as if to apologise for putting it there in an otherwise very English bit of advertising.

We don’t believe Patois has any place in such a domain; and so, if it does pop up, we have to make sure it’s set apart; give it a prelude, or something to let people know that we know it’s not English, and so gently ask forgive us for going down to that level to express the concept.

Or maybe it’s just quotation marks, and I’m reading too much into it.


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