Something new!

I used to make JSL vlogs, but got tired of having to put my camera up on a table and sit in a chair for all my vlogs. Boring tedium….

Until now! Please welcome the newest addition to my family, a camera tripod:


It’s cheap, and flimsy, but it’s mine!

Soon, I’ll make a new channel for JSL vlogs and try to post regularly, for the fun of it, and for JSL practise. 🙂

I’m thinking I’ll call the channel KenSigns, and also give it a Patois name, KenkyanSain, so it has the same KS initials. I’ll try to make the effort to put subtitles so the sign-impaired (don’t worry, I’m talking about myself, too; I’ve got a lot go learn) can follow, in both English and Patois!

Sounds fun!

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