New name!

Ever since I left Christianity, I’ve been thinking that I should change my Hebrew name. The biblical name קמואל (Kmuel/Kemuel“raised/established by God” or “God will rise” or “God’s helper” or whatever it means) didn’t fit me anymore.

But what to choose?

I wanted to keep the /k/ sound that has been common to my English/Patois and Japanese names (and even my JSL name, in the form of the K handshape), but Google was coming up empty. Didn’t find any names I liked.

Until, one day I realised, I should be Googling in Hebrew!

Still, names that start with ק (kuf) were few, and I preferred ק to כ (kaf). But eventually I found the name קורן (Koren) online. It was the perfect solution. 😀

Though the root is pre-biblical, the use of the word as a name is a modern one. Forvo shows that the emphasis is on the first syllable, as typical of this word structure, and a quick Morfix search provided me with:

Adjective, and noun, respectively

Adjective, and noun, respectively

What a great meaning! It does relate to the ‘shining’ (光) meaning found in my Japanese name 洸野 and it’s like I added a couple sounds to Ken (剣).

So, you can imagine I’m quite pleased with it. ^_^

שמי קורן

שמי קורן

מה שמומך?׳

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4 Responses to New name!

  1. Robyn says:

    Why do you have so many names?

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    • kenliano says:

      I think the real questions are: 1. Why wouldn’t I? 2. Why don’t you? 😀

      Well, a name sign is a staple in Deaf culture, really; it’s not practical to fingerspell someone’s name every time you talk about them, and people can have the same spelling, so it makes sense.

      My Japanese name just came out of a culture of my class. We just picked names, and our teacher encouraged it. It was fun! I don’t use it for official purposes, but I do use it.

      And then, that same spirit just went over into Hebrew. It’s cool to have a name that I wouldn’t need to explain, that they’d be able to see and recognise easily. I mean, I have to spell “Keneil” all the time; so if I introduce myself as Koren, it goes smoothly. My Israeli friends said it’s culturally acceptable, so I went with it.

      Do you have a Korean name? You should! lol


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