I make stuff up

A few weAvatar: An Activist Survival Guideeks ago, when I was starved for a book to read, I went to a Sangster’s Book Store and found this book. The price at the back said $500 (and that looked like a reduction of the original price, $1,060), but a blue sticker at the front said $200!

That’s an 80% total discount!

As cheesy and predictable as James Cameron’s Avatar was, and as eye-roll-inducing as the ‘white guilt’ <spoiler> as seen in Jake Sully, the white alien becoming leader of an entire community of ‘native’ Na’vi </spoiler> in the movie was, I actually liked the movie.

The plants and animals were beautiful, even if they made no ecological sense, and the world… wow! As a sci-fi/fantasy fan and writer, it was just awesome! That’s why I had to buy this book when I saw it at such a deal.

Na’vi. The humanoid creatures that reside on the world called Pandora. And the name of the language they use. Creating a language for such media is no easy feat, especially if you do it properly. It takes time, creativity, linguistic knowledge… That must be why even today, after decades, Klingon (Star Trek) and Elvish (The Lord of the Rings) still have such a devoted following.

So… now, to me.

This is DarneDarnell Sll Sequoia. He’s one of the main characters in a Pokémon story I’ve been trying to write for some time, Pokémon: Ocean Blue. (Yes, I’m a grown man who still writes fanfiction.)

Darnell is Deaf.

Creating a Deaf character in a world that’s so different from ours has its challenges. I want to make it realistic, even though it’s just for fun.

And, being the overachiever I am, I decided to create a sign language for him and the Deaf people of his region to use. The idea is to make it a language more independent of spoken language than JSL is. No initialised signs, and fingerspelling would be a relatively recently-introduced concept. I already have the sign for ‘pokéball‘, and have some ideas for the signs for ‘family’ and ‘friend’. I even thought of making videos to create a dictionary of signs in Kerona Sign Language on YouTube. 😀

I’ve also toyed with the idea of creating a spoken language for the region, too; or, at least, the writing system. Probably not much of the grammar and vocabulary for KSL or spoken Keronan… Heh.

I’d try not to make it like Hunter x Hunter, with their writing basically being following the Japanese character system:

Screenshot from 2014-12-05 10:48:48

Japanese hiragana chart.

Screenshot from 2014-12-05 10:48:37

The Hunter x Hunter ‘alphabet’ a substitution cipher of Japanese kana.

I have so many fun projects! Life is good!

Have you ever created your own language? Tell me about your experience!

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2 Responses to I make stuff up

  1. Read Robyn says:

    Knowledge of linguistics is so important when making up a fantasy world. Can’t forget the Ancient Language from Eragon either – and that was made up by a teenager. Good luck with your fanfic. 🙂


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