Terp Life + New Facebook Page!!!

I love being an interpreter. It’s challenging, it’s demanding, it’s…

This isn't an exaggeration. Did I say "challenging"?

This isn’t an exaggeration. Did I say “challenging”?

It’s… awesome. You get to have so many experiences as an interpreter than you wouldn’t otherwise have. You learn current events, vocabulary, even interpersonal skills on the job.

Although you don’t have to take your work home with you in the sense of doing up lessons plans or such things, this professional becomes an integral part of your personal life. Especially if one of the languages you’re interpreting is not your native language, it’s important to keep in contact with native users and their culture. And, of course, it’s good to go over an assignment mentally when it’s done so you’re able to do better next time.

I hope I’m able to continue this job for a long time. I intend to get much, much better!


To all my beautiful readers, I’m like to introduce my brand new Facebook Page, Mr Multilingual.

Mr Multilingual Facebook

It’s where I’ll be putting random stuff that’s too short for a full blog post. Plus, all blog posts will be announced there. So, please do check it out and give it a Like!

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