ASL, another JSL, and LSF!

For those of you who have never seen a sign language other than JSL/ASL, here’s a chance to see two:

Here, you will see signs from three sign languages juxtaposed: Japanese Sign Language, American Sign Language, and French Sign Language.

I have to add, though, that I (for my own personal, biased reason; can you guess what it is?) don’t like that Japanese Sign Language is called JSL. After all, French Sign Language is called LSF (langue des signes française), so why not something like NHS or NSW, or NS to represent the Japanese name 日本手話 (nihon shuwa)? Of course, I suspect it’s because Japanese uses a non-Roman writing system, unlike French, so they just ended up using the English name’s acronym. Bah.

In any case, I felt as I watched this video that the NS (yes; I said it!) signs really seemed to represent Japanese culture. Especially looking at the signs for ‘thank you’ and ‘sorry’. Pretty much all the ASL signs here are also used in JSL, too.

Happy viewing!

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3 Responses to ASL, another JSL, and LSF!

  1. Jeff says:

    Acronyms get reused all the time… JSL can also mean “Japanese as a Second(ary) Language” (or “Jamaican as a Second(ary) Language”). I tend to think of JSL being the former because it’s the one that directly relates to my experience.


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