Tribute to my former Christianity

You all know how the internet is. You could get lost in it. Go to one page, and then you see a single ad that catches your interest. And then, you click, and maybe you see another one. And maybe another…

On Facebook, I saw this:

I loved the English song when I was Christian, and was curious as to how it would sound in Hebrew. I like the arrangement of the instruments; very unlike the ones I’ve heard before. What was cool, though, was how much of the song I understood. (When I read it, of course; my listening skills in Hebrew are horrible…) It’s a simple song, with vocabulary I was mostly familiar with, in at least some form.

I did learn ראוי (raui; fitting, worthy) and learnt the modern form of a verb that I had actually only known the antiquated (biblical) form of: להלל (l’halel; to worship). Still, it reminded me that I need to go back and review what I learnt before.

!אני אוהב עברית

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