Guess who’s a storyteller now!

A couple month ago, I discovered a trend in Deaf social media: the ASL 1 to 10 challenge. A 1 to 10 story is a specific kind of story in ASL (and JSL) in which the handshapes used in signing the numbers 1 through to 10 are used to, well, tell a story.

Having seen some of the local Deaf take this challenge upon themselves (after getting tagged), I decided to try myself (got no tag, but who cares! 😀 ).

Here it is; my story inspired by yet short my life as an interpreter:

My first successful attempt at JSL art! It’s no Eragon or Harry Potter, and nothing compared to the Deaf stories I’ve seen, but I am indeed proud of it.

Handshapes | Translation

1 – Person walking | He walks towards the stairs in trepidation,
2 – Person walking up an incline | and, with a sigh, climbs to the platform.
3 – Walking | He walks to his position and turns to face them.
4 – People looking | He sees all their eyes trained on him.
5 – Gesturing; afraid; hand over face | He tries to move his hands but is overcome by fear
6 – Worry | and worry.
7 – Person looking (‘cheated’; should technically be the 2 shape) | He looks at them,
8 – Finger in mouth, nervous | nervous as can be.
9 – Decide; interpret; perfect | But then, he makes up his mind. He begins to interpret. And, as time goes by, he builds confidence, and improves. No, he’s not perfect.
10 – Practice; good | But he’s practicing. And that’s good.

What do you think? 🙂

If you’re not familiar with ASL/JSL and don’t understand it, try to watch it again after you read the translation, and let me know if you understand more!

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