That’s what I’m here for!

One cool thing about being Mr Multilingual is being the resident translator for any random bit of Japanese that they’re curious about.

For example, my friend got a model of a very irate-looking Kaiba Mokuba, and simply had to know what he was saying:

I thought you'd win, big brother!

I thought you’d win, big brother!

And then, recently a friend asked me to tell her the flavour of her Hello Kitty tea. She sent me this picture:



But I couldn’t read that well enough… I thought it was saying “[something] and mother’s low caffeine tea”…

And then, she sent me this next one:



And I could finally tell her that the flavour is strawberry and peach! I learnt the two kanji, and hopefully will remember them from now on! (Although, I should have known 桃, momo… Remember that blog post from ages ago?)

Keep it coming, guys! I love doing it! And it’s a learning opportunity if I don’t know the words!

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