Yu no dom?!

Two of the most annoying things people say to me:

“Yu no dom?!” (You aren’t dumb?!)
“Yu kyan taak?!” (You can talk?!)

I know I should probably spend the time to educate them on proper terminologies for the Deaf, and whatever, but I’m usually too busy trying not to punch them in the face…

Okay, maybe it’s not that bad… But it does irritate me. So, I usually ignore them.

What would you do?

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3 Responses to Yu no dom?!

  1. Read Robyn says:

    Punch them in the face? Yeah, right. 😛

    I would be condescending and educate them about their ignorance.


  2. kyaelle says:

    I often have the same thing in different contexts. I found that a witty/funny response does the trick of letting them know they’ve just asked a stupid question and that our discussion ends here, in good spirits. Once I find the reply that hits the spot I just repeat it to everyone who asks. Still works, 6 years later 🙂


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