Adorable Little Signers!

I found a video on YouTube that’s sure to evoke some awwwws from at least a few of my readers:

These two little ones are signing with each other and with that guy, who I suspect is their father. And that’s pretty cool, considering how young they seem. Their signs are all signs that I’d know in JSL, thankfully. Because they’re so young, some of the signs seem to be sort of undeveloped, sort of like how babies sound before they learn to say a word perfectly.

I support teaching babies sign language! Who wouldn’t want to be able to communicate with their babies this early? Plus, bilingualism is just awesome.

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4 Responses to Adorable Little Signers!

  1. read.robin says:

    Too cute for words! Can babies that young learn to sign before they learn to speak?


    • kenliano says:

      Yes! Signing is easier for them to learn because they can see the sign formation clearly as opposed to the formation of spoken words with the tongue and stuff hidden because of being inside the mouth. It might be a matter of manual motor skills vs. oral motor skills, too…? Not sure.


      • read.robin says:

        Oooh, fascinating! Gross motor develops a bit faster than social skills like language (as in speech), I think so that would make sense. But don’t quote me, it’s been almost a year since I did paediatrics.


  2. Kaitlyn says:

    That’s so cute!
    I love seeing kids sign, it’s always so enthusiastic.


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