Nice to meet you!

You know how on TV they make French characters on movies and TV shows punctuate their English sentences with monsieurs and madames because apparently they think we’re too stupid to figure out from the (exaggerated) French accept where the character came from?

Well, it looks like Japanese people do that, too; with English-speaking characters.



Meet Pegasus J. Crawford. He’s the main villain of the first arc of the anime Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters. The American version (shortened to Yu-Gi-Oh!) was a favourite of mine as a teenager. To satisfy curiosity, I decided to watch the original Japanese anime.

Anyway, Pegasus is American. And believe me, it shows. He greets the main character with “Hello. [Well, in typical Japanglish fashion, it was more like “Hallo”.] Nice to meet you, Yuugi-boy.” (in English, by the way). And he does not use the Japanese 2nd person pronouns. What does he say instead? “You.”

ga Kaibabōi wo taoshita no wo shitteimasu.
I know that you defeated Kaiba-boy.

That’s even more ridiculous than French people saying monsieur after every five English sentences (I mean, seriously, do they do that?), and I laughed so very hard when I heard it. It’d be like us using “anata” or “omae” (Japanese second person pronouns) wherever you’d want to say “you”.

And don’t even get me started on his American accent! His voice actor is, of course, Japanese, so the accent is constructed by exaggeration, and it’s rather entertaining!

It’s interesting to see how the Japanese portray and make fun of the Western world, don’t you think?

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