’Cause they’re whose clues?

Yes, one day, I stood in front of the TV watching Blues Clues. And amidst the waves of nostalgia and the thoughts about how funny it was (a very tall grown man getting so very excited about such things as playing such a game; what’s Blue doing going to the doctor, she should be going to a vet, she’s a dog… who can read, understand English as well as any of the talking toys and condiments in their house… okay, so, maybe that’s not so weird, after all; and why do Steve and Joe seems so surprised when they get a letter from their friends? Isn’t it always from their friends?)….

Oh, gee, where was I…? Um, right, amidst those thoughts, I realised just how much signing is done in the show. In fact, as Wikipedia says, “In 2000, it became one of the first preschool shows to incorporate American Sign Language into its content, with five-to-ten signs used consistently in each episode.” The famous Deaf actress Marlee Matlin was even featured in a couple episodes.

It was cool to recognise signs, and realise that when I was younger, I probably never really recognised what Steve and Joe were doing, from “healthy” to “third” to “thanks” and beyond. I remember only really recognising “thanks” when I was younger, but this looks like a potentially good way to introduce children to signing, huh?

Joe saying (signing?) "Blue's Clues"

I had an interesting thought, too; that thing that Joe and Steve do with their hand when they’re saying “Blue’s Clues” (putting their hands up a bit higher than their shoulders and moving from a fist [S hand] to open palm with fingers spread out [5 hand]) seems to be a name sign for the game Blue’s Clues, and thus a potential name sign for the show.

I should see if I can find out of this sign is used in ASL as the show/game’s name. Did you watch Blue’s Clues? Do you remember any of the signs you learnt?

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