You know that feeling you get when

you’re asked a simple question in a language you’re learning, and the meaning is just a millimetre out of reach, but your brain just refuses to cover that distance?

Yeah, happened to me this morning. I knew I knew what 何月 (nangatsu, which month?) meant, but for some reason, I just couldn’t find the meaning in the sea of words that have taken (tenuous?) residence in my mind.

Somewhat embarrassing, a bit frustrating, but it’s a part of the whole learning-languages thing. You know the funny thing, though? When you remember the word in the language you’re learning, but forget the corresponding word in your native language. That happened a few weeks/a month a go with the word 年月日 (nengappi, date).


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2 Responses to You know that feeling you get when

  1. Michal says:

    You mean your brain never gets stuck in English? Mine does! :-p


    • kenliano says:

      lol No, it usually gets stuck somewhere in between… Especially when my brain’s tired. Like, my brain can’t find very specific words at times. I think the way my brain works is that it’s all sort of shuffled. You should hear me trying to speak Spanish. :/ Watashi vengo….


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