My first signing Skype conversation!

I thought my internet was too slow, because the last time I tried it, and the time before that, it was a complete disaster. But it worked today, for the most part. Along the way, the video got blurry, and froze a bit, but it was still good. Even learnt the sign for “Skype”! (If I saw it clear enough; that part was blurry.)

(As you can see, I’m still in my durag, and need to start getting ready for work. No wach dat, ziin…?*) It’s a mix of the sign for “webcam” and the “S” sign. It’s interesting, but it looks like the ASL sign for “making out” if I’m right.

Anyway, we had a nice little chat about things like how important it is for us hearing people to know that there are often more than one sign with the same meaning. I learnt two signs for pharmacy with the open 8 hand; I only knew of the P hand one I learnt before.

But man, I need (okay, want) faster internet. That was fun!

*Don’t pay attention to that, okay?

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One Response to My first signing Skype conversation!

  1. whylori says:


    Mi muma! Check out those arms! 😛

    I should read the post, huh?


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