What earphones do to me

Some time ago, I realised that when I have music in my ears, I don’t really feel all that comfortable using my voice. I suspect it’s a matter of not wanting to shout too loud, or maybe just not wanting my voice to sound weird…? I don’t know.

So, what I find is that naturally, my brain thinks to spew out JSL when I want to communicate. Of course, most of the time, that’s pretty useless, since most people I know and encounter don’t know JSL. So, I have to halt and just take out the music.

But today! Today, I had the chance to have a full JSL conversation with a Deaf man and my hearing JSL teacher. It was fun! And I did it while music was being fed into my ears from my trusty friend Ziv.

I think my earphones have taught me a bit of why some/many Deaf don’t feel comfortable talking. I would guess that your voice might feel like it’s not even a part of you if you can’t hear it.

Signing rocks.

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