Some cool things about sign language

Had a short discussion with a hearing signer about some cool things you can do with sign language that you can’t do with spoken language. I only came up with the first one. 🙂

  1. You can communicate through a glass window
  2. You can communicate across a room without making much more effort (as opposed to shouting in speech)
  3. You can talk while eating
  4. You can talk underwater

Makes me wish I had more signing friends. I’ve never ever tried that last one. I want to!

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3 Responses to Some cool things about sign language

  1. hearingless says:

    My favorite parts about sign language!!! Lets not forget you can ask questions to the person sitting next to you inside a on going class without getting noticed by a teacher! Or You can actually talk during lets say a rock concert without straining your ears more ^-^ I love this!


  2. hearingless says:

    Reblogged this on Can You See us? and commented:
    These are some great reasons to learn!!! anyone want to add some reasons of your own?


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