Our Ignorance

This afternoon, I happened upon an article that I found once before. Speaking of the Director of the Jamaica Association of this Deaf, it says:

JAD Executive Director Iris Soutar said JSL’s use differed from regular sign language given its unique use of several facial expressions and body language employed to communicate information to deaf students.

See that? JSL is different from “regular” sign language. Mrs. Soutar knows JSL, so I doubt the error is her own. Most of us believe that (regular) sign language is similar to what is called “Signed English”, a representation of the English language with purely manual (hand) signs. JSL, ASL, and other natural Deaf sign languages use manual and non-manual signs (or at least signs with non-manual aspects).

That is regular. SMH.

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3 Responses to Our Ignorance

  1. read.robin says:

    She was probably trying to say something about the expressiveness of Jamaicans in general and how that carried over to JSL too, but I guess the reporter got it wrong?

    I feel like I have no business commenting on the collective ignorance of Jamaicans to JSL because I’ve only known so much about for a couple of months now, and all thanks to you.


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